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Treatments for Pest Control in Maidstone and Kent

We offer professional pest control services for domestic and commercial clients in Maidstone, Kent and the South East. Our technicians are trained to distinguish the signs of unwanted pests and the different species present. This allows us to carry out tried and tested techniques for eliminating rodents with rat control and mice control, plus insect treatments for bed bugs and flea control to name a few.

The team at South East Pest Control ensures pest problems are identified and resolved with immediate effect.
Pest Control


Wasps build nests from pulped wood and are found in lofts, wall cavities, hollow trees and bushes
Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices of bed frames, floorboards, skirting boards, carpets, curtains and bed linen
Fleas survive on blood and infest animal bedding, carpets and other soft furnishings, which is solved by flea control
House flies, cluster flies, filter flies, fruit flies, bluebottles and greenbottles carry diseases from faeces
German and Oriental cockroaches are drawn to food waste and rubbish sites. Cockroaches carry organisms which lead to food poisoning, tapeworms and gastro-enteritis
Garden ants and Pharaoh’s ants nest in warm crevices close to food preparation areas


Textile and Stored Product Pests


We eradicate textile insects in addition to bed bugs and flea control, such as fur beetles, carpet beetles, house moths and clothes moths eat keratin in animal hair, wool, fur and feathers. Insects drawn to stored product sustenance include biscuit beetles, flour beetles, grain beetles, cigarette beetles, spider beetles, leather beetles, grain weevils, rice weevils, booklice, Indian meal moths and mill moths.
Our Services Include

Non-Toxic Base Traps – We avoid using poisonous pest control products whenever we can. The traps we set up include cages for rat control, mice control. These are also used to contain moles and squirrels for humane removal.


Motion-Sensor Cameras and UV Tracking Dust – Our team records the nocturnal movements of pests at your Maidstone home. This allows experts to identify the species and location of the threat. Once evidence has been gathered, we administer the suitable pest control solution.


Proofing Techniques – Any holes, crevices or openings are blocked once treatments have been carried out. This prevents rodents from regaining accessing to your home.




The most common species that requires rat control in the UK is the brown rat. They’re often found in dank areas around your Maidstone, Kent or South East property, like sewers and cellars. Rats are attracted cereals and discarded in kitchens and pantries. Rat control methods prevent the spread of Salmonella, Trichinosis and Weil’s disease from affecting your health.




Mice have similar habits to rats; however, the house mouse is smaller in size. Mice control is needed because these rodents carry numerous maladies, including Salmonella, Lyme disease and the Hantavirus.



Grey squirrels create nests in loft spaces. This leads to noise disturbances and damage to insulation materials. Pest control solutions safely remove squirrels and block roofline holes to prevent access.


Moles are solitary creatures outside normal breeding season and measure about 15cm in length. They are present on most ground below an altitude of 1000m and feed on earthworms, insect larvae and slugs.



Pigeons loiter around roofs and archways of Maidstone, Kent and South East properties where they spread illnesses like Salmonella, Tuberculosis and Ornithosis through faecal matter. This contains allergens which lead to respiratory issues
Gulls amass along coastlines and inland at rubbish and landfill sites. They scavenge for food and nest on top of buildings

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