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Commercial & Domestic Pest Control in Barming

Businesses throughout Maidstone benefit from our wide-range of professional pest control services. We ensure commercial clients maintain a smooth-running establishment, which is protected against infestations of birds, rodents, insects and bed bugs. We specialise in rat control, mice control and flea control to uphold UK health and safety regulations. At South East Pest Control, we carry out reliable commercial pest control solutions to comply with current legislation.


Businesses Requiring Pest Control


There are many pests attracted to venues like hotels, B&Bs and resorts in and around Maidstone. Bed bugs and insect treatments, such as flea control, are mainly carried out in bedrooms. Mattresses, bedding, soft furnishings and wooden crevices are typical habitats for biting insects to congregate. Multiple guests and additional pets risk spreading pests, which carry harmful viruses and cause allergic reactions.

Businesses in the hospitality sector are required to adhere to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) protocols. This involves conducting regular surveys to ensure the health and safety of eating, dining, storage and food preparation areas. HACCP covers the safe application of rat control and mice control methods too.


Cafes and Restaurants

Fast and effective solutions like rat control at cafes and restaurants in Maidstone avert disastrous inspections and potential closures. Sprays, powders and gels for ant, cockroach and mice control are carefully applied in the affected areas to yield maximum results. We help commercial clients to comply with the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA), by preventing contamination and public safety hazards from pests and pest control products.


Industrial Sites and Offices

Rat control or mice control secures commercial and industrial sites in Maidstone from harbouring vermin. Rubbish bins lure rodents and flies, which leads to property invasions if nearby walls and floors are not properly sealed. Local wildlife or pets visiting the office can result in flea control treatments, due to the jumping insects being spread by animal contact.


Pests Control Service

Proofing Properties – Holes and gaps in flooring and walls are sealed for rat control and mice control. Netting and spikes prevent pigeons and gulls from perching and nesting on roofs, archways and entrances
Sprays and Powders – Sprays and powders are ideal for flea control and eradicating other biting and crawling insects. These methods protect Maidstone clients against infestations of bed bugs too
Motion-Sensor Cameras and UV Tracking Dust – The non-toxic pest control treatments we offer include tracking and monitoring unwanted creatures to locate their habitats. This is ideal for rat control and mice control
Humane Traps – Our experts use humane traps as part of rat control and mice control. Moles and squirrels are trapped in cages for outdoor pest control. Commercial clients are recommended to check traps once every 24 hours
Safe Removals – Our pest control team arranges safe and discreet removals for pests caught in traps, in addition to wasp nests and bee hives. Wasp nests will be destroyed, while bee hives are relocated

Pest Control Surveys

We inspect commercial premises in Maidstone with regular, contractual visits
Our team checks the property for any maintenance issues to prevent pest access
We carry out complete risk assessment reports, with recommendations for treatments to take place
Our experts undertake the necessary pest control solutions, including rat control, mice control, flea control and procedures to eliminate bed bugs.


To find out more about our pest control services in Maidstone and the surrounding Kent area, including rat and flea control.

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