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Moles & Squirrels

Mole and Squirrel Pest Control in Maidstone, Kent and the South East
UK wildlife cause damage to Maidstone and Kent properties, which requires pest control services. Prime example of these species of pests include moles and squirrels. Moles affect gardens and lawns at domestic and commercial venues throughout the South East, while squirrels damage roofs and loft spaces. The South East Pest Control team removes mole and squirrel infestations with one-off or regular appointments, preserving the condition of your property and grounds.
Learn About Moles and Squirrels

These creatures are solitary which makes it easier for pest control companies like our own to locate them. Maidstone and Kent clients should be aware that multiple moles create disturbances after mating season. Moles are approximately 15cm long and usually remain 1000m underground to forage for slugs, earthworms and insect larvae.

If grey squirrels have invaded your Maidstone home or workplace, the noise disturbances they create in roof and loft spaces make them easily distinguishable. This is where squirrels build their nests. They typically feed on flowers, fruits and seeds close to your property.

At South East Pest Control, we understand the problems posed by moles and squirrels at domestic and commercial properties in Maidstone, Kent and the wider area. Following a site assessment, we recommend using live, humane traps for pest control methods. These are designed to stop moles and squirrels from becoming a recurring problem.

Humane Removal

There are many solutions that companies administer as humane pest control alternatives. These include sonic alarm repellents and smoke bombs. The experts at South East Pest Control use a wide-range of traps to capture moles and squirrels, which are 100% effective.

Laying traps will prevent the following issues:

Reduced structural integrity at Maidstone and Kent buildings. This includes holes for squirrel habitats and damaged roofline components
Broken slates, tiles, fascias, soffits and gutters, which result in leaks, damp and poor ventilation to your roof
Gnawing through insulation materials, roof joists and power cables that are detrimental hazards for South East clients
Weak ground affecting the support of garden buildings, like conservatories and summer houses
Injuries incurred from stepping into mole tunnels

Pest Control Service

We offer a free quote for extremely affordable rates
Our experts offer humane solutions for successful eradications
We supply a friendly and professional pest control team
Client rely on fast and efficient services at Maidstone, Kent and South East venues
One-off and contract pest control treatments for domestic and commercial clients
We provide a prompt and safe removal of captured moles and squirrels

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