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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs and Flea Control in Maidstone, Kent and the South East

Do you need to arrange an appointment for bed bugs or flea control at your Maidstone property? We carry out effective pest control techniques for a wide-range of insects, suited to domestic and commercial venues in the Kent and South East area. Learn more about bed bugs and fleas to help you identify the earliest signs of their presence, plus how we eradicate them on your behalf.


Bed Bugs And Fleas

Maidstone and Kent clients can identify bed bugs by their flat, oval-shaped bodies which are reddish brown in colour. Bed bugs typically measure 4 to 5 mm long and are found in the cracks or crevices of flooring, skirting boards, wallpaper, plaster, light switches and bed frames. Bed bugs also hide in soft furnishings like bed linen, mattresses, carpets and curtains. They are attracted to heat and mainly feed at night.

Fleas have a similar flat, coloured body, with defined spines and legs for jumping and leaping. These insects sustain themselves on human or animal blood, with the ability to survive more than a week before feeding again. Maidstone and Kent clients are prone to fleas at homes, hotels, resorts or places of businesses that are frequented by pets or in proximity to local wildlife.


Signs of Fleas and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and flea control alleviates the presence of biting insects which are noticeable by skin irritations, itching, red spot-like bite marks and allergic reactions. We recommend Maidstone and Kent clients contact the South East Pest Control team as soon as these tell-tale signs are apparent.

Flea control is essential to combat infestations as early as possible before they spread. This is problematic for businesses, such as hotels, B&B’s and resorts with accommodation and a high turnover of guests.

The team at South East Pest Control arrange a free survey at your Maidstone, Kent or nearby property. This is required to determine the type of pest, its location and the level of infestation. Pest control technicians carry out suitable flea control methods or treatments to eradicate bed bugs quickly and efficiently.


Insect Infestations

Biting insects cause distress to domestic and commercial clients. The viruses and germs they carry lead to hygiene and health issues if outbreaks are left unattended. We help businesses to identify the species of pest and arrange for safe, efficient action to be taken at their Maidstone or Kent property. This avoids loss of revenue, negative word of mouth from guests and potential closures.


Other insects requiring pest control include the following:


Bees and wasps, including same-day treatment and nest removal
House flies, cluster flies, filter flies, fruit flies, bluebottles and greenbottles
German and Oriental cockroaches
Garden ants and Pharaoh’s ants
Textile insects, such as fur beetles, carpet beetles, house moths and clothes moths
Stored product insects, like biscuit beetles, flour beetles, grain beetles, cigarette beetles, spider beetles, leather beetles, grain weevils, rice weevils, booklice, Indian meal moths and mill moths

Pest Control Solutions

We use different treatments and formulas to ensure the right active ingredient is applied at your Maidstone, Kent or wider South East property. The insecticides we are trained to use for bed bugs, flea control and other insect eradication include:

Electronic Fly Killers – These are supplied by our pest control technicians as part of domestic and commercial contract services, ensuring they remain fully-functional

To find out more about our pest control services in Maidstone and the surrounding Kent area, including rat and flea control.

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